If you want to understand something, teach it

That’s why we like teaching people want we know.

We offer bespoke training sessions and workshops to help you deliver innovation, technology and campaign projects more effectively and embed new practices into your organisation.

Andy Gibson is an experienced speaker and facilitator and has delivered training at the Clore Social Leadership Programme, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the BBC and many more.

As you’d expect from the people behind the School of Everything, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all training, preferring instead to design sessions to suit the needs of learners. We offer a mixture of group sessions and one-to-one mentoring depending on the situation, including:

Social media made simple

Don’t know your Facebook from your Pinterest? Too scared to blog? And what is a wiki anyway?

There’s a lot to get your head around in the modern world of social media, but if you can explain what you’re trying to achieve, we’ll pick out the parts that are relevant and make them simple for you. We can also help with advice on free and cheap collaboration tools, good sites to look at, and the wider theory of how and why the internet became “social”. Social media works best when you trust and train your staff to engage on your behalf rather than hiring consultants to do the work for you.

Location: London Bridge or at your offices
Date and time: Arranged at a time convenient to you
Price: £300 per half day

Blogging and Twitter for organisations

How can creating and sharing content help you grow your business? Getting the technology is just the start. What should you write? What kind of tone should you be setting, and how? What are the risks, and how can you avoid them? And how do you get people reading in the first place?

We’ll take your business through the pros and cons of corporate blogging and micro-blogging, what it does best, the common traps you should avoid, how to promote your blog and engage with your audience, and how to minimise risks to your brand and reputation. We’ll also cover how to support your staff in changing the way they communicate, and even how these tools can help you with your internal processes too.

This is a practical workshop with real examples of good and bad practice and enough actual writing during the day to give you real practical skills. By the end of it, the participants will be more confident of writing high quality blog posts and tweets, and your organisation will have a clear action plan for how to get the most out of your online content.

Location: Fielden House, 28 London Bridge Street, or arranged at your offices
Duration: Four hours (AM or PM)
Date and time: Arranged at a time convenient to you
Price: £300

Start-up boot camp

90% of new business ventures fail. If you’re serious about starting a new business, you should be serious about learning how to do it properly.

Business isn’t rocket science, but it is damn hard work, and knowing where and how to focus is the key to growth. From getting real about your business proposition to designing your operation, researching your market to building your minimum viable product, we can give you the fundamental skills to set you on the right path to success.

Location: London Bridge or at your offices
Date and time: Arranged at a time convenient to you
Price: £200/hour

“The tide of new media is advancing and it is critical to communications professionals that we keep abreast of developments. Andy Gibson offered our members an excellent insight into what can be achieved by harnessing these technologies.” – Jason MacKenzie, Chair of the CIPR Channel Islands

Get in touch now and tell us what you’d like to learn.